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Painting in Waldorf Education

The uniqueness and importance of Watercolor Painting is significant to the stages of child development in Waldorf schools. This lovely book is a thorough and complete study of watercolor painting in the Waldorf curriculum. Included are practical advice, clear exercises and beautiful examples. GOETHE'S THEORY of color is discussed and as well as how to paint with different ages and grades, from kindergarten through high school. AUTORES: DICK BRUIN was born in Holland in 1953, and has been an active Waldorf teacher since 1975. He teaches art, art history, drawing and painting for Classes 7 to 13 at the Adriaan Roland Holst School in Bergen. ATTIE LICHTHART was born in Holland in 1948. She taught art and art history for Classes 8 to 12 at the Free School Zutphen Holland, and now works in teacher training.

  • Ref: 365504
  • Dimensões: Illustrations; 234 x 156 mm; 216 pages
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