READY TO LEARN – From birth to school readiness


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When are children ready for school? Many parents have concerns about their children entering formal schooling too early. They question the “hot housing” of their children, and the accompanying stressful side-effects of “too much formal schooling too soon”. Ready to Learn will help you to decide when your child is ready to take the step from kindergarten to school proper. The key is an imaginative grasp of how children aged 0-6 years learn to play, speak, think and relate between birth and six years of age. Ready to Learn offers parents and professionals useful “maps” for understanding: – The physical, soul and spiritual aspects of child development; How children “grow down” into their bodies; – How language and the senses develop; – Reading readiness, and the place of computers; – Whether boys learn differently from girls; simple tests for school readiness; – Checklist for School Readiness. MICHAEL ROSE teaches at York Steiner School. MARTYN RAWSON worked for the UK Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship. They both work as advisors in teacher training and have written articles and books on Steiner Waldorf Education.

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Martyn Rawson & Michael Rose


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